Fear Nonito Donaire!

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If you are a world champion at the bantamweight division, chances are you saw how Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire effortlessly took out Ukraine’s tough dog and former WBA world bantamweight champion inside four rounds. And chances also are you do not want to get inside the ring with this Filipino dervish, knowing full well he is capable of inflicting such kind of damage on you.

Not only did he became the first boxer to score a stoppage against the Ukrainian, Donaire showed he is very much at home at the bantamweight house. It has been said that while limited and technically mismatched, Sidorenko possesses one of the toughest chins in the sport. Never been stopped in his whole career, Sidorenko visited the canvas rather easily, three times at that, against Donaire before the referee brought a halt to the carnage and saved the Ukrainian for more beatdowns, Donaire style.

Donaire made excellent use of his technical wizardry over the very one-dimensional Sidorenko, whose only sense of direction is forward and whose only bomb against Donaire’s extensive arsenal is a right straight. Donaire displayed a lot of weapons, crisp left jabs that kept thudding solidly at Sidorenko’s face and that counter left hooks that steadily came whenever the Ukrainian attempts to step in. And knockouts seemed to be the norm of that fight.

The first knockdown came at the opening round, with Donaire unleashing a salvo of a left uppercut followed by a right hook, sending Sidorenko down for the first time. The Ukrainian twisted his right foot on the way down. Donaire scored his second knockdown at the third round,unleashing a counter left hook after Sidorenko landed a solid right straight on Donaire’s face. But it was a Donaire’s version of a right straight that ended the fight in the fourth round, possibly crushing Sidorenko’s nose as suggested by the amount of blood gushing from the orifice.

With Donaire’s mastery of the ring as well as his weapons at his disposal, Sidorenko was like an amateur who never knew what to do from the start of the fight. That said, much respect goes to the Ukrainian for keeping the fight going despite it being a mismatch.

With Donaire very much comfortable at bantamweight, retaining his speed, power, reflexes and agility, that is certainly bad news for someone named Fernando Montiel, who currently reigns as the WBO and WBC bantamweight kingpin. It can be recalled that Donaire has been challenging Montiel for a long time but no fight has been made to pit the two boxing stars.

It has been reported that Montiel’s camp has already agreed to face Donaire in February 19th next year. Whether that fight pushes through remains to be seen though.

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