Oscar de la Hoya takes steps towards his own salvation

Oscar De La Hoya
Oscar de la Hoya has not been quite himself of late. Photograph: Getty Images
Oscar de la Hoya has checked into rehab, reports the LA Times. The former world champion referred in a statement only to "certain issues that I need to work on" while CBS claimed alcohol and cocaine had been blamed by a gossip website.
Followers on Twitter may have sensed it as recent posts featured an air of self-analysis from "Good morning everyone. Today is the day to change one bad habit we have. happy hump day" to "Stop finding excuses not to live. life is controlled by what you make of it and not of what it makes of you". Subsequent tweets seemed to confirm he is trying to "make amends", a step central to many programmes. Apologising: "To manny paquiao for any wrong doing in my part. you are a great champion. I have realized that by accepting my mistakes"; then building bridges with promoter Bob Arum with whom De la Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions has been in dispute: "Dear bob arum first I would like to humbly apologize for any pain I have caused to you ..."
This step seems to be working. Asked whether it may clear the way for fighters from both promoters to meet, Arum said: "We can certainly work together." It makes possible a bout between Pacquiao and Golden Boy's Victor Ortiz, as well as, importantly for fight fans, representing whatBoxingScene described as a "love train" that could "give an impetus to making the Mayweather-Pacquiao superbout [happen] in 2012".

Arum accepts De La Hoya apology

Photo by Kevork Djansezian, AP
Top Rank promoter Bob Arum has accepted the public apology of Oscar De La Hoya and experts feel this could pave the way for the return to action of WBC/WBO bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire Jr.
“I accept De La Hoya’s apology and am grateful for it,” Arum told the Inquirer Thursday.
De La Hoya, who had clashed with Arum over promotional issues in the past, issued the apology in his Twitter account while undergoing rehabilitation for substance abuse.
He also apologized to Filipino superstar Manny Pacquiao, who had filed a case in court against De La Hoya, Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his father Floyd Sr. over claims that Pacquiao was on performance-enhancing drugs.
“I would like to humbly apologize for any pain I have caused to you and your family,” De La Hoya told Arum. “I also want to apologize to Manny Pacquiao for any wrongdoing in my part. You are a great champion.”
Donaire’s planned unification fight on May 28 against WBA champion Anselmo Moreno was scuttled after Donaire signed up with De La Hoya’s GBP, claiming a breach of contract by Top Rank for failing to give him three fights a year under their agreement.
Arum explained, however, that Donaire had been suspended for postfight injuries on two occasions and there was no way Top Rank could keep its three-fight-a-year commitment.
Arum hinted at a resolution of the Donaire case, which is being handled by former judge Daniel Weinstein who arbitrates the issue.
“I think we’ll probably see that (a resolution) by next week,” Arum said.

Will Golden Boy-Top Rank truce mean Mayweather vs. Pacquiao? Don't count on it

Following an apology from Golden Boy president Oscar De La Hoya towards Top Rank's Bob Arum earlier this week, many were quick to herald a potential new age in the sport where the best possible fights get made and the two biggest promoters work together.
Some are even postulating that the newfound promotional peace could pave the way for Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather to finally lock horns sometime next year.
While Oscar De La Hoya apologizing to Arum and Manny Pacquiao as part of his ongoing therapy for substance abuse is an important first step however, there is still a long way to go before the two promotional giants are actually working together again.

Tweeting from a rehabilitation center earlier this week Oscar said:
"Dear Bob Arum first I would like to humbly apologize for any pain I have caused to you and or you're family. I also want to apologize to Manny Paquiao for any wrong doing in my part.you are a great champion. I have realized that by accepting my mistakes everyone around me will hopefully forgive me."
Although politely accepted however the apology wasn't returned by Bob Arum, who it has to be said has been far from blameless in terms of the back and forth sniping between the pair.
Also the fact remains that promoters aim to keep their biggest stars winning, and the bigger the promoter the better they are able to make this happen.
Top Rank and Golden Boy are the two biggest, and maintaining their stars rather than risking losses and reduced income in cross promotional ventures is still going to be the modus operandi of both outfits.
That isn't to say that fights couldn't be made if it benefited both equally, or at least if both were willing to take the same degree of risk.
Cooperating on Juan Manuel Marquez's transition from Golden Boy to Top Rank for his upcoming bout with Manny Pacquiao for example is certainly a good sign. What it isn't is a co-promoted event with fighters from both rosters competing against each other.
Besides anything else in the case of their two biggest current stars, the problems in making Pacquiao vs. Mayweather happen in the past were never rooted in differences between the promoters.
While Arum and Oscar have regularly criticized insulted and insinuated in the wake of the failed negotiations, at the time both appeared to want the fight to happen.
Initially random drug testing insisted upon by Mayweather was rejected by Pacquiao due to his belief that it would weaken him if done close to the fight.
The second set of negotiations were slightly more confusing with both sides claiming that they had agreed to all terms before the other pulled out.
Regardless of which side you believe on the matter though the fact is that both promoters at the time seemed ready and willing to work together.
Since then both camps have commented on the fight sporadically, but by and large it seems that no serious attempts have been made by either side to reach out and try to make anything happen.
The real test of whether any progress will be made towards the two biggest stars in the sport facing off may come sooner than next year however, with plenty of intriguing bouts between Top Rank and Golden Boy stars possible before then.
Until those fights start to get made though, most will remain skeptical of both the current peace between the two promotional outfits and the prospect of Mayweather vs. Pacquiao ever happening.
Bill Campian, Pitt: "The peace won't last, and if Donaire goes to court like he says he will they will soon be at each others throats again"

Arum Accepts de la Hoya Apology, Expects News on Donaire

Bob Arum expects that Nonito Donaire will be in the news this coming week. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller - Getty Images
Bob Arum expects that Nonito Donaire will be in the news this coming week. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Top Rank promoter Bob Arum tells Ronnie Nathanielsz that he expects some news on Nonito Donaire in the next week, but didn't specify what kind of news.
Arum hinted at a resolution of the Donaire case which is being handled by former judge Daniel Weinstein who arbitrates all issues between Top Rank and Golden Boy. Arum said "I think we’ll probably see that (a resolution) by next week."
He said "I can’t get into it now because there was arbitration and mediation but there’ll be news coming out next week."
Donaire, of course, attempted to jump ship to Golden Boy Promotions following his February win over Fernando Montiel. Top Rank claimed they had a valid contract, and an arbitrator ruled in their favor. In between, Arum had some ill-advised words for Donaire and the fighter's wife, Rachel, and only recently have Top Rank's Todd duBoef and Donaire's manager Cameron Dunkin been able to sit down and talk about how to move forward. Fight fans simply want to see the exciting Donaire back in the ring.
Arum also acknowledged Oscar de la Hoya's Twitter apology from rehab:
Arum told the Daily Inquirer "I accept De La Hoya's apology and am grateful for the apology."
Whether or not this will lead to Top Rank and Golden Boy co-promotions once again is still up in the air, but that hope is starting to flood back in now instead of just seep back in. The truest and biggest roadblock is the relationship between Arum and de la Hoya. If those two can come to some kind of understanding, we could once again get our customary year or so before they start bickering again.



The public apology of Oscar De La Hoya to Top Rank promoter Bob Arum and pound f or pound king Manny Pacquiao has been gratefully accepted by Arum and indications are it will pave the wcay for WBC/WBO bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire’s return to the ring. 
Donaire’s planned unification fight last May 28 against WBA champion Anselmo “Chemito” Moreno was scuttled after Donaire signed up with Golden Boy claiming a breach of contract by Top Rank for failing to give him three fights a year under their agreement. However, Arum explained that Donaire had been suspended for post fight injures on two occasions and there was no way Top Rank could keep its commitment. 

Arum told the Daily Inquirer “I accept De La Hoya’s apology and am grateful for the apology.” 

De La Hoya who is undergoing rehabilitation for substance abuse at a California facility apologized on his Twitter account to both Arum and Pacquiao who filed a case in court against De La Hoya, GBP CEO Richard Schaefer, Floyd Mayweather Jr and his father Floyd Sr over claims that Pacquiao was on performance enhancing drugs. 

De La Hoya said "Dear Bob Arum first I would like to humbly apologize for any pain I have caused to you and or youre family. I also want" want to apologize to Manny Paquiao for any wrong doing in my part.you are a great champion. I have realized that by accepting my mistakes everyone around me will hopefully forgive me." 

Arum hinted at a resolution of the Donaire case which is being handled by former judge Daniel Weinstein who arbitrates all issues between Top Rank and Golden Boy. Arum said “I think we’ll probably see that (a resolution) by next week.” 

He said “I can’t get into it now because there was arbitration and mediation but there’ll be news coming out next week.” 

Meantime, Donaire’s mother-in-law Rebecca Marcial said Donaire was in the gym training in a clear indication that he wants to stay in shape for his next fight. 

Andre Ward, Nonito Donaire's path to greatness

Nobody forgets his first time.
Andre Ward first got into the ring to spar when he was 10, and he remembers getting beat something fierce by a 15-year-old kid named Glenn at Hayward's U.S. Karate and Boxing Gym.

Muhammad Ali once said he could float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Young Ward ran like a cheetah and covered up like a turtle.

"Glenn gave it to me good, whipped my butt," Ward said. "But I kept coming back, and I would start to get one punch in before I ran. Then two punches and run. And I went from there."
Glenn had a little brother, Nonito Donaire, who was 11 1/2 when he signed up at the gym - three months after Ward did, in June 1994.

Donaire signed up for karate classes, thinking boxing was too violent. Ultimately, he said he bowed to pressure from his dad, a former fighter, and his brother and ... well, Donaire will never forget his first amateur boxing match.
"I was 13 and they were putting the gloves on, and I was freaking out I was so scared," Donaire said. "I peed in my pants as I was going into the ring. Then, the fight started, the other kid hit me and that triggered something."
Did it ever. Oakland's Ward and San Leandro's Donaire trained together, became friends and then world champions. Ward defends his WBA super middleweight title tonight against Arthur Abraham in the semifinals of the Super Six World Boxing Classic in Carson (Los Angeles County). Donaire is the WBC and WBO bantamweight champ after knocking out Fernando Montiel in the second round in February.

"It's just unbelievable where we are in our careers," Ward said. "We all dreamed of being world champions, but you can't ever truly imagine what it's going to turn out to be. This is awesome."

U.S. Karate and Boxing Gym is in its 22nd year at its current location and going strong, just like 61-year-old Joe Olivarez. Olivarez was a street fighter who trained as an amateur boxer in Mexico before discovering the martial arts. He met his wife, Crystal, at a karate class in Hayward in 1970 and was immediately down for the count.
"She was beautiful and then she started talking about the fight that was going to be on TV that week," Olivarez said. "I said, 'Whaaaat?' "

They opened their first version of the school in 1984, moving to the current location in '89. Then one year, two future world champions walked in. Olivarez remembers Ward and Donaire being different types of kids, but the same.
"Andre was an old soul, always serious, and Nonito was the comedian," Olivarez said. "But they both had a smoothness to their fighting, and they both worked very hard at it."

Virgil Hunter started working with Ward at Olivarez's gym and will be in Ward's corner tonight as his trainer. He said other kids - including Donaire - would call Ward "Poppa" when he was 11 years old.
"That's how he carried himself," Hunter said. "He had his fun, but he was always deep in thought more than other kids. Nonito doesn't take anything too seriously, but he has fun at becoming better and better - he takes that very seriously."

Like the time, four years ago, when Donaire sparred at Olivarez's gym with Danny Kimbrell, who trains mixed-martial-arts fighters there. Kimbrell already had a cauliflower ear from one of Donaire's famous left hooks, and one day Donaire said he could beat Kimbrell for four rounds throwing nothing but jabs.

"It was like a sewing machine, the sound his fist was making against my face," Kimbrell said, laughing.
Donaire wasn't always having fun. He said the pressure he felt from his dad, once a boxer, trainer and now a professional cut-man, could be overwhelming. He stopped boxing at the end of 2001, four fights in, because it wasn't fun anymore and started making up for the partying and drinking he missed in his teenage years.

"Poppa" Ward was watching, though, and one day when he was giving him a ride, he pulled over and had a serious talk with Donaire.
"He wasn't boxing, just trying to find his way, and I told him he wasn't the guy I knew," Ward said. "I reminded him, 'Hey, God has a calling on your life and it's not just boxing, but I believe you still have a lot to give in boxing. Get yourself cleaned up, straighten up, man, and don't give up.'
"I kind of gave him a little jolt."
Donaire said the talk "had a big impact ... Andre was always there for me."
Donaire got back into boxing, ultimately deciding that he and his father couldn't get past their tension. He is now trained by Robert Garcia, and is even drawing comparisons to Manny Pacquiao after his devastating knockout of Montiel.
Ward was there in Las Vegas that night, beaming and saying he couldn't wait to get back into the ring and try to turn in a dominant performance like his friend's.

"To see Nonito do his thing - he can rewrite the history books if he keeps winning," Ward said. "He always inspires me. He says I inspire him and I helped him out back then, but he inspires me to be the best that I can be. Always has - back when we were in Hayward."

Back in Hayward, Olivarez is working with some new kids, showing them the discipline that boxing and karate can instill in someone. You would think he would have the names Ward and Donaire somewhere on the front window or on a new sign, to help drum up some more business, but that's not the eighth-degree black belt's style.

"I would never take advantage of my fighters like that," Olivarez said. "People eventually find out that they started here. I am just honored to have been a part of their lives and development into champions.

"And because they are great guys. It really touches my heart. ... Sometimes I can't find the words to describe how amazing it is."

Super 6 Classic

What: Andre Ward (23-0) vs. Arthur Abraham (32-2)
Where: Home Depot Center, Carson (Los Angeles County)
When: 7 p.m.
TV: Showtime, taped at 10 p.m.

Arum still waiting for Donaire


SAN FRANCISCO — Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum is still hopeful that Filipino renegade fighter Nonito Donaire would come to his senses and rekindle his love affair with Top Rank.
"We're still waiting for him," said Arum from his Beverly Hills home, sounding a bit optimistic that Donaire would still fulfill his obligations with Top Rank.
Arum had penciled a May 28 fight for Donaire but the rising world bantamweight king suddenly bolted Top Rank and signed with the Oscar De La Hoya-owned Golden Boy Promotions after alleging that his contract with the Las Vegas-based outfit had already lapsed.
But Arum said his company remains the rightful holder of Donaire's promotional rights owing to an automatic extension of their partnership stemming from the boxer's medical suspension.
Arum had promised Donaire a hefty paycheck of $500,000 for the May fight but was astounded when informed that the heavy-handed Bay Area-based Donaire had hooked up with GBP.
Daniel Weinstein, a renowned retired judge, mediated in the Top Rank-GBP feud and later ruled that Donaire rightfully belongs to Top Rank.
Donaire became a hot property last February when he posted a smashing second-round knockout of Mexican toughie Fernando Montiel in a Top Rank show held in Las Vegas.
Comparisons to pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao could not be avoided following Donaire's brutal stoppage of Montiel that ringsiders were quick to say that he has what it takes to replace Pacquiao when the Pacman finally decides to walk away from the sport.
Donaire, who speaks fluent English, Filipino and Visayan, ranks high in everyone's pound-for-pound list.
Donaire reportedly wants out of Top Rank so he can fight away from the shadows of Pacquiao, who is the apple of Arum's eyes.

Donaire anxious to fight

By Joaquin Henson The Philippine Star

Nonito Donaire Jr.
Manila, Philippines - WBC/WBO bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire Jr. said the other day he’s willing to fight anyone and “I’m anxious to get my next fight date” but a cloud of uncertainty hovers over his future because of a promotional conflict with Top Rank.

Last March 16, Donaire inked a four-year contract with Top Rank’s archenemy Golden Boy. A key condition is Donaire will be guaranteed a $1 Million purse in the first year of the deal. Donaire claimed an existing contract with Top Rank was null and void because of a breach, allowing him to negotiate a new pact as a free agent.
Donaire justified his claim by pointing to Top Rank’s failure to arrange at least three fights a year since they signed a three-year contract with a one-year renewal option on June 26, 2008. Top Rank chairman Bob Arum, however, said Donaire was under medical suspension for at least 300 days, preventing the to-the-letter execution of the agreement. Arum said the medical suspension automatically extended the life of the contract up to 2013.
To settle the row, Top Rank and Golden Boy went to arbitrator Daniel Weinstein, a retired California superior court justice. Weinstein subsequently ruled that Golden Boy violated an agreement with Top Rank not to poach on each other’s fighters. He confirmed that Donaire remained under contract with Top Rank and was not a free agent.

A source close to Donaire said the ruling was only to determine the nature of the contract with Top Rank. “It was just round one,” said the source. “Now, the next issue is if Top Rank violated the conditions of its contract with Nonito. The claim by Nonito is there was a breach and because of the breach, the contract became null and void, making him a free agent able to negotiate a new contract with any party of his choice.”
Golden Boy owner Oscar de la Hoya said he’s not bothered by Weinstein’s ruling. “The truth will prevail,” he said, quoted by Robert Morales of the Los Angeles Daily News, Long Beach Press Telegram and boxingscene.com. “We’re confident that the right thing is going to happen at the end and this is not the end. We believe in Nonito and we’re behind him 100 percent.”

Donaire, 28, was set to battle “super” WBA bantamweight titlist Anselmo Moreno of Panama in Atlantic City on May 28 but when the conflict erupted, the bout was called off. Now, he’s in limbo. “I just want a fight,” he said. “Most people want to see me fight (Abner) Mares next.”

Mares, 25, is promoted by Golden Boy so he would be an easy opponent to arrange. A former Olympian, the Mexican has a 21-0-1 record, with 13 KOs. Last December, he beat Donaire knockout victim Vic Darchinyan via a split 12-round decision to win the IBO 118-pound crown.

This weekend, Donaire is in Carson City, near Los Angeles, to cheer for his friend Andre Ward who is defending his WBA supermiddleweight title against Armenia-born German Arthur Abraham.
Donaire, who now has a condo unit in Las Vegas, was conspicuously absent at the Manny Pacquiao-Sugar Shane Mosley fight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena last Saturday. There was talk that he applied for accreditation as a press photographer but was turned down by Top Rank because of no affiliation with a publication. Instead, Donaire spent the week vacationing with his family in Hawaii. Las Vegas sources said Donaire has been spotted working out in Johnny Tocco’s gym under Filipino trainer and former world superlightweight champion Morris East who handles IBF lightwelterweight titleholder Zab Judah.
Weinstein’s ruling prohibits Golden Boy from promoting or dealing with Donaire. A source said a fight for Donaire is being scheduled in June or July, possibly against Mares. Arum will definitely go to court to stop it unless Top Rank is the promoter.

If Donaire accepts Weinstein’s decision and returns to Arum’s fold, it won’t be a problem with Top Rank. “We’re professionals,” said Arum, quoted by Morales. “Our relationship is strained. We’ll still do a good job promoting Nonito. We’ll get him the right fights and put him in fights to get him maximum exposure. We’ll do the best possible for him.”

In his Facebook, Donaire said four opponents loom in the horizon – Mares, “regular” WBA bantamweight champion Koki Kameda of Japan, IBF bantamweight king Joseph Agbeko of Ghana and Moreno.

Kameda, a 24-year-old southpaw, has a 25-1 record, with 16 KOs, and will likely insist on fighting only in Japan. Agbeko, 31, regained the IBF crown on a unanimous 12-round decision over Yonnhy Perez last December and has a 28-2 record, with 22 KOs. Moreno, 25, has a 30-1-1 record, with 10 KOs, and is scheduled to stake his “super” WBA title against Lorenzo Parra in Panama City on June 17.

Last February, Donaire zoomed to the top five of the world’s pound-for-pound ratings by knocking out Mexican hero Fernando Montiel in two rounds for the WBC/WBO bantamweight titles in Las Vegas. The win raised Donaire’s record to 26-1, with 18 KOs.

Top Rank waiting for Donaire

By Eric Thomas: WBC/WBO bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire (26-1, 18 KO’s) still hasn’t said when/if he’ll be fighting again with Top Rank. They are waiting for Donaire to report and start planning for his next. This comes after an arbitrator ruled in favor or Top Rank in their tug of war with Golden Boy Promotions for the services of Donaire. Bob Arum was hoping to get Donaire back in action on May 28th, but that’s obviously not going to happen now.Donaire had thought that his contract was up with Top Rank. However, because of the time that he missed due to injuries, his contract was extended. Donaire signed a four contract with Golden Boy thinking his contract was up with Top Rank. It wasn’t, as it turns out. Donaire is still hoping to get out of the contract with Top Rank. It remains to be seen whether Donaire will be able to do that.
At some point, he may have to grin and bear it and do the right thing by sticking it out until the contract expires. Donaire hasn’t fought since February when he stopped Fernando Montiel in two rounds. Donaire can’t afford to sit out too long, because he’ll only be hurting himself. He wants to fight Abner Mares, Koki Kameda, Anselmo Moreno and Joseph Agbeko. None of those guys appear to be even close with Donaire in terms of skills. Mares might be the best fight of the bunch, but even that would likely be a mismatch. Donaire should get busy and make short work of these g

Nonito Donaire Still in Limbo as Top Rank Waits for Decision

Nonito Donaire still hasn't been in touch with Top Rank. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller - Getty Images
Nonito Donaire still hasn't been in touch with Top Rank. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
The Manila Bulletin reports that Bob Arum and Top Rank are still waiting on top bantamweight star Nonito Donaire to get in touch. Donaire attempted to leave Top Rank for Golden Boy Promotions after his February blowout of Fernando Montiel, but an arbitrator ruled that Donaire's contract with Top Rank was still valid.
During the dispute and controversy, Arum made some nasty remarks about Donaire's wife, Rachel, and you can't help but think that that has to still be playing a role here. Donaire is obviously a valued property in boxing, and swallowing his pride to put money in Arum's pocket seems like it would be a tough way to continue a career.
But the bantamweight division is hot, and though it might pain him to do so, getting in the ring and fighting -- when he would be a favorite against any of the name fighters in the division -- would be best for his career. He can still leave Top Rank when his deal is up, and signing with Golden Boy would open a potential fight with Abner Mares, in addition to potential matchups with Joseph Agbeko, Vic Darchinyan, or the other top stars.
There's still no timetable for Donaire's return, but he hasn't been hiding. Donaire attended the Ward vs Abraham fight last night, and recently was ringside as a photographer for the April 29 edition of Friday Night Fights.

Vic Darchinyan: it was Donaire who refused clash planned for 2010

PanARMENIAN.Net - IBO bantamweight champion Vic Darchinyan commented on WBC and WBO bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire’s accusations.
“It was Donaire who refused a clash planned for 2010. He stalled for time, during contract negotiations which lasted for almost 6 weeks. I will ask my manager to discuss the situation with Donaire’s manager,” Darchinyan said in a conversation with a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter.
Earlier, WBC and WBO bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire reacted to Vic Darchinyan’s calls for a rematch. According to Darchinyan, Donaire has been refusing him a revanche match for 4 years.
"Last year, August 21 was the scheduled date for us. Three months before that he pulled out, saying I signed the contract too long, but it was three more months before the fight. And the first fight we had, I signed the day of the weigh-ins. He just didn't want to face me. They said that he didn't want to fight me right now,” Donaire told BoxingScene.com.
“He called me out after his fight against Perez and you know what? He's actually growing a little more balls to call me out and really mean it. But I'm not here to talk. I'm here to fight. I'm not here to call out anybody. Well, I'll call out anybody when I have to, like when I did with Montiel, because I really wanted that fight. But I'm here to fight anybody. So, whoever they have in front of me, I'm more willing to exchange with them leather you know?" he said.


Top Rank Promotions president Todd Duboef is scheduled to meet with the manager of WBC/WBO bantamweight champion Nonito "The Filipino Flash" Donaire today (Thursday in the US) regarding the stalemate over Donaire's contract with Top Rank. Bob Arum told the Philippine Daily Inquirer that his stepson Duboef would meet with Donaire's manager Cameron Dunkin Thursday morning to discuss the issue of Donaire's contract. 

Arum said Donaire "either he fulfills the contract or we continue with this nonsense which is a pity." 

He was referring to Donaire's having signed up with Golden Boy Promotions claiming that Top Rank was in "breach of contract" for not fulfilling its commitment to give Donaire three fights a year. 

However, Arum had claimed they could not meet the terms of the contract because injuries to Donaire had set them back by 300 on medical suspensions. 

The stalemate over Donaire's contract prevented a planned unification title fight with WBA champion Anselmo "Chemito" Moreno on May 28. 

One positive development was the agreement reached between Top Rank and Golden Boy on the case of Juan Manuel Marquez where Golden Boy didn't exercise its option to match the offer of Arum for Marquez to fight Manny Pacquiao. 

The issue was handled by arbitrator and former judge Daniel Weinstein. Arum revealed that "we have had a mediation last Monday and solved other outstanding issues, including the Marquez case." 

The Top Rank promoter added that he "could not go into" details of the mediation. The Inquirer learned that Donaire and his wife Rachel are scheduled to visit the Philippines in June although no other details were available. 

Nonito Donaire will fight his way out of Top Rank contract one way or the other

It has now been nearly three months since Nonito Donaire's two round blowout of former WBC/WBO Bantamweight champion Fernando Montiel, and despite greatly raising his profile and capturing two titles in the process, his next move remains unclear.
To make matters worse, despite apparently wanting essentially the same thing, Donaire and current promoter Bob Arum don't appear to be on the same page about where they go from here.
In a recent interview with the Manila Bulletin, Top Rank boss Bob Arum claimed that he has had no contact with Donaire and team of late, saying only:
"We're still waiting for him"
Donaire on the other hand has repeatedly said over the last few weeks that he is eager to fight again as soon as possible, stating his intentions in several interviews and even polling fans on his Facebook page over who he should face next.
"Well, I'm anxious to get my next fight date. As I've said before, I'm willing to fight anyone...I just want to fight! Have a great day everyone!"
So if Donaire is eager to fight and Arum is ready to put a fight together, just who is it that's holding things up?
The obvious issue still separating Donaire and Top Rank is the popular Fil-Am's recent attempt to jump ship to rival promotion Golden Boy.
Believing that Top Rank had invalidated his contract with them by not providing him with his contracted three fights per year, Donaire in March announced that he had signed with Golden Boy.

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