Nonito Donaire Backs Pacquiao in Mayweather Clash

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By Brent Matteo Alderson - The Filipino Flash, Nonito Donaire thinks Pacquiao’s strength and aggressive style will take the Filipino legend to victory and in an interview with the former IBF flyweight champion and current WBA 115 pound interim champion commented, “Pacquiao has done everything all ready. It’s a style that Pacquiao has never seen, but I believe Pacquiao is superior physically, and just his relentlessness will take over the fight. You never know what will happen and the experts will say this and that, but a fighter knows what he is going for our there and that’s what this fight is all about and the one thing Pacquiao has going for him is confidence.”
Like Pacquiao, Donaire also has aspirations of winning titles in multiple weight classes and commented, “My only dream is to be undisputed [champion] and then move up in weight. I want to be at 115 and hopefully go up to 118 and go from there so I don’t have to hold my weight and maybe be able be able to do a little push up and move up from 118 to 122.” Donaire fights on Top Ranks’s Pinoy Power card on February 13 in Las Vegas.

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