Donaire-Nishioka: Why is the Diamond super bantamweight title on the line for this fight?

The World Boxing Council has inserted themselves into the October 13th fight between IBF/WBO super bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire (29-1, 18 KO’s) and former WBC super bantamweight champion Toshiaki Nishioka (39-4-3, 24 KO’s) by having the vacant WBC Diamond super bantamweight title up for grabs in this fight at the Home Depot Center, in Carson, California.

The Diamond strap is a belt that is put up for grabs for a fight that is perceived as the best in the weight and right now I don’t see that Donaire OR Nishioka has proven that. It’s too premature for the WBC Diamond title to be on the line when neither fighter has taken on and beaten Abner Mares and Guillermo Rigondeaux.
I know the WBC wants to get their name in there for this fight, but I think the Diamond title shouldn’t be the one that they have available unless Mares and Rigondeaux had already been defeated by Donaire or Nishioka. The last time I checked, neither one of those fighters had gotten anywhere close to fighting Mares or Rigondeaux. As such, the Diamond strap is out of place being up for grabs in this fight.

It’s like someone working on an undergraduate degree and suddenly a Masters degree being plopped down in front of them when they’re looking to past one of their junior level classes. Until Donaire or Nishioka fight and beat Mares and Rigondeaux, the Diamond strap shouldn’t even be offered to them. The thing is I don’t see Nishioka or Donaire capable of beating those guys, which it even worse that the WBC has decided to make the Diamond title available for the Donaire-Nishioka fight.

To me, I think a title more befitting of the Donaire-Nishioka fight is the WBC Silver strap, and that’s it. They can have their junior level recently created trinket on the line, but not the Diamond which is supposed to be fought over by the best two fighters in the division. I don’t see Donaire the best and nor do I see the 36-year-old aging Nishioka either.

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